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TerraOne has created an innovative, functional, energy efficient, cost competitive, unmistakably low carbon, high quality building solutions for affordable housing needs. For single family, multiple family, educational housing and low-income communities.


Leaving behind the old, slow, energy inefficient and inferior ways to build, TerraOne' solution is global, capable of producing thousands of homes annually and creating massive onsite employment for low skilled workers.


TerraOne’ super insulated steel-framed construction system specifically targets projects where rapid speed of construction and ease of assembly by low skilled workers is important. By significantly reducing labor costs and project cycle times, these building solutions allow a high performance sustainable structure to be constructed by as much as 50% below traditional construction prices!


This is a revolutionary step change in the way we build by reducing onsite labor costs. All walls and ceiling are super insulated with higher R values starting at R-24 up to R-49.  Building operating costs are reduced, HVAC systems can be sized down as much as 60%, and operating times to heat or cool the structure are shortened. 


Highlights include:

  • Meets international (IBC) construction standards, utilizing recycled steel and EPS foam

  • Engineered to withstand hurricane force winds and CA seismic zone 4

  • Easily and rapidly assembled by low skilled labor

  • Utilizes fire rated interior abuse resistant finishes

  • Non-combustible waterproof exterior finishes

  • Low Carbon footprint

  • Unlimited design possibilities

  • Ideally suited for Low cost and affordable housing

  • No rot, No mold or mildew, insect and fire resistant

  • Containerized and shipped globally to remote locations

  • Emergency and Disaster relief, permanent housing, and shelters


No matter if you are building a home, school classrooms, commercial space, medical center, church or multi use building, TerraOne solutions provide the thermal efficiency and speed to get your project completed and occupied quickly.


A capable team of local architects, engineers, manufactures and trade specialists have been assembled to bring this to reality.  After considerable hands on testing and full-scale prototyping currently under way, we are ready to deploy.  Designed to demonstrate as many of the techniques and methodologies developed by TerraOne, the first units are being built and incorporate all features applicable to single family, multiple family, educational housing, low income communities as well as school classrooms, commercial space, medical center, church or multi use buildings, both single and double stories.  The design allows for multiple stories using the same methodologies.


We start by recycling shipping containers. Here is why:


Eco Friendly:  There are an estimated 17 million shipping containers throughout the world at the moment, with around 6 million currently in use; this means there are literally millions of these containers that aren’t in use that could be recycled and put towards a better use. Furthermore, the US imports far more products than it exports resulting in shipping containers accumulating on US soil.  Recycling shipping containers into homes is one of the more eco-friendly approaches as it avoids the energy intensive process of melting the steel back down whilst it’s being recycled.


Speed:  Shipping container homes can be built with incredible speed. The containers can be stacked side by side and on top of each other like massive Lego blocks! It’s common that once the foundation’s laid the ground floor can be constructed in a single day.  While the average length of time it takes to build a family home is more than eight months after planning permits have been acquired, the majority of shipping container homes can be built in as little as a few weeks; with even complex container homes being built in less than four months.


Cost:  With the current global economy everyone is conscious to try and save a bit of money here and there. Nothing can swallow your money up like an expensive house; fortunately, this isn’t the case with shipping container homes. For as little as $3,000 you can pick up used 40 ft shipping container; you can imagine it doesn’t take many of these to build a sizeable family home.  It’s easy to see why so many people are interested in building their own shipping container home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional house.  And they are far superior in strength, durability and longevity.  Thereby, reducing the cost of ownership.


Flexibility:  The humble shipping container is incredibly flexible and can be used to craft just about anything you can imagine.  The beauty of the containers is that they are already built so all you need to do is cut and chop away to make your perfect design.  Also, because shipping container sizes are generic you can easily stack them up and they fit perfectly together.


Indestructibility:  Homes made of shipping containers are virtually indestructible.  The US army has been using them as shelters.  These containers are designed to hold up to thirty tons of weight and to be stacked more than ten high; that’s over 200 tons when fully loaded.  So, there’s no doubt that shipping containers can easily withstand whatever weight loads a typical house will place upon it, or withstand high winds or earthquakes.  Furthermore, they aren’t susceptible to termites, mold, dry rot and other fungus infections.


Design:  Homeowners demand pleasant designs. The flexibility of our system allows these homes to be finished in various styles and colors while keeping costs low. 

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