TerraOne, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was founded by Masih Madani to focus on:

     Creating innovative


     energy efficient  

     cost competitive 

     unmistakably low carbon footprint 

     high quality


     affordable housing solutions

For Single family, Multi family, Educational housing And low-income communities.


By recycling/re-purposing shipping containers.

We believe that no individual or family should have to worry about the basic needs of life:


Current management consists of:

     Masih Madani - Founder and CEO
     Scott Tindall - Chief Financial Officer
     Eric Ruiz - Chief Operating Officer
     TBD - Chief Marketing Officer
     Florin Suciu - Director of Business Development

The Board of directors are: Masih Madani, Kimberly Maynard, and Christina Huff


Provide Affordable Housing Solutions

TerraOne’s super insulated steel-framed construction system specifically targets projects where rapid speed of construction and ease of assembly by minimal skilled workers is important. By significantly reducing labor costs and project cycle times, these building solutions allow a high performance sustainable structure to be constructed by as much as 50% below traditional construction prices in as little as a few weeks!

This is a revolutionary step change in the way we build by reducing onsite labor costs. All walls and ceiling are super insulated with higher R values starting at R-24 up to R-49. Building operating costs are reduced, HVAC systems can be sized down as much as 60%, and operating times to heat or cool the structure are shortened.

No matter if you are building a home, school classrooms, commercial space, medical center, church or multi use building, TerraOne solutions provide the thermal efficiency and speed to get your project completed and occupied quickly.

TerraOne Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was founded by Masih Madani to focus on:

Creating innovative, functional, energy efficient, cost competitive, unmistakably low carbon footprint, high quality, durable affordable housing solutions.

     For single family

     Multi family

     Educational housing

     And low-income communities


By recycling/re-purposing shipping containers.

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